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Getting your Money Out ...

At Muggins, we believe that plastic bungs in piggy banks make life too easy, so we don't make any of our piggy banks with bungs.

This is actually quite helpful - next time you're off shopping or to the pub, you can't do a quick money grab and deplete your stash. Although this might seem a little restrictive, you'll thank us in the end ....

 hippo piggy bank It's actually quite easy ...

We make the slots in our money banks quite large, so getting coins and notes out isn't so hard. You just need to get a stiff piece of card about the width of the slot and about 6 inches long, put it into the slot, turn the money box upside down, preferably over a bed or sofa, then gently waggle it with the card in place.

Don't be tempted to use anything metal such as a palette knife - you could chip the money bank slot.

Depending upon what coins or notes you save, your trusty Muggins money bank can hold many pounds or indeed hundreds of pounds. That's very good news if you're not too good at saving.

If you're buying for a young friend, that's especially good - it's never too early to get the saving bug.

Just a quick email to say that my piggy bank arrived this morning that I recently ordered for my Godson Benjamin, and I love it, its absolutely fantastic - better than I could have imagined.

Thank-you for dealing with my request so promptly and kindly and for the great customer service that I have received. I will most certainly be recommending 'Muggins' to fellow family and friends.

Posted to Wheldrake, YORK

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