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Hanging our Flying Beasties and Dragons ...

We can make almost all of our animals as flying beasties. If you thought that you could only get flying ducks, think again. For our full range, look at our flying beasties section.

Everyone wants to hang them somewhere - in the house, the garden, the pool, the porch - so here's how you do it.

 flying duck  flying hippo  flying sheep

Step 1 ...

 picture hooks For our sets of Flying Beasties, you need three picture hooks - not the short pin-type, but the longer ones with the larger head, or perhaps a nail with a flat head. Make sure that they protrude about 1/2" to 3/4" from the wall and that they are securely fixed. You can space the three beasties how you like - side by side or one above the other - but they tend to look better if they are horizontal and spaced equally apart.

A small Flying Dragon will just need one pin; a large Flying Dragon might need two to keep it stable.

Step 2 ...

Get some Blu-Tack or equivalent and roll out three balls about the size of a small marble. Stick one of these on the upper inside of each beastie, but do make sure that the Blu-Tack is inset from the back edge of the beastie - it mustn't come into contact with the wall when mounted otherwise it may stain your wall coating.

Step 3 ...

Gently place each beastie on its hook ensuring that it sits embedded in the Blu-Tack, and wiggle it around until it sits stably. Again, make sure that the Blu-Tack is kept off of the wall.

Step 4 ...

Stand back and admire. That's it! Simple.

 flying pigs

Just a quick email to say that my piggy bank arrived this morning that I recently ordered for my Godson Benjamin, and I love it, its absolutely fantastic - better than I could have imagined.

Thank-you for dealing with my request so promptly and kindly and for the great customer service that I have received. I will most certainly be recommending 'Muggins' to fellow family and friends.

Posted to Wheldrake, YORK

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