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Fat cat paperweight

Classic Muggins hand-made cat (somewhat well fed) made for sitting on paper and other things that tend to vanish in the wind. Size is between the miniature cats and the cat money boxes. Each one hand-made and completely unique. Face tends to look upwards rather than across, so it's also suitable for low-level places such as the fire hearth, ie near where the real cats usually hang out.

 Fat cat paperweight

 Price: £ 20.00
 Everything at Muggins is crafted by hand
 Approx size in inches: 3.5 high x 3 wide x 3 deep
 Approx size in cms: 9 high x 8 wide x 8 deep
 Glaze finish: plain glaze or a dappled/spotted/striped glaze - more info
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 A simple plain glaze
 A lively dappled, spotted or striped glaze

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Fat cat paperweight - examples

Please remember that all Muggins items are hand-made - the photographs below show a sample of the range available. Characteristics and glazes will vary for each individual hand-made item.

 Fat cat paperweight  Fat cat paperweight  Fat cat paperweight  Fat cat paperweight

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My husband bought me a Piggy moneybox that arrived a couple of days ago. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely adore it and with it being handmade too, it makes it extra special.

A big thank you to the person/s that moulded and sculpted this wonderful piece of pottery.

Posted to Worthing, West Sussex

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